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    Dragging movieclip symbol

    xfiles_wolvie Level 1
      Hi all,

      I refer to some source code available online and so far got to this stage and the problem exist. Currently at work so cant provide the detail AS but roughly the problem is this.

      I had the stage with other items. The flash made box is suppose to appear after a user click on a button symbol. there are 2 symbol buttons which will be clicked and show the 2 flash made box one at a time.

      I made a symbol movieclip that covers the entire stage with alpha set to 0. A transparent movieclip. went into the movieclip and created the 1st flash made window with 3 frames on each layer on a total of 6 layers which are bg, headers, header, upbtn, dwnbtn, dynamic textfield. 1st frame of each layer is empty frames. 2nd frame of each layer contains the above mentioned stuff.

      the 2nd flash made window is the same order as above but they reside on 3rd frame of each layer instead of 2nd frame. so therefore, 1st to 2nd frame on this 2nd flash made window is empty. that means that these 2 flash made windows reside in the same movieclip but at different layers and different frames.

      Hopefully all can get the picture that I am trying to paint here.

      After publishing, I click on the btn symbol, ONLY the dynamic textfield came out. the rest of the upbtn, dwonbtn, headers, header, bg are all invisible. BUT, when i placed my cursor on the position where the above items are suppose to be, the items work. I can drag it, close it, scroll the textfield up and down using the btns. It happen for the other btn symbol as well.

      How is it that they are invisible? I try to place the layer of the transparent movieclip symbol on the bottom of the folder, it still does not work. If the problem lies with the transparent movieclip, then why does the textfield appear? i shifted the textfield to the bottom layer in the movieclip while the rest of the layers such as bg, headers, header, upbtn, downbtn are on top of it. but it still doesn't work.

      I don't think is the code issue but more on the layers and frames issue as the dragging and closing works. so does the scrolling of the dynamic textfield using the upbtn and downbtn.

      Please help me. Thanks in advance.