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    Misaligned master page

    Matthew Amster-Burton

      I think this happened when I changed the page numbering settings on my book from "Continue on next odd page" to "Continue from previous document." The problem can be summed up in one screenshot:



      I assume the left-hand master page is being assigned to the recto and vice-versa, but I can't figure out what causes it or how to fix it. If I manually reapply the master spread, it's temporarily fixed but breaks again if the page count changes in a previous chapter. As far as I can tell, every page and master is set to the same trim size, and no pages have been moved on the pasteboard (at least, I don't think so). Help, please?


      InDesign CS6, OS X 10.8.3.




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          My guess is you've done something strange with the Page tool...

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            Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            From what I can tell from your screenshot, you selected the Page tool, as Peter suggested. You clicked on the left page of that spread to select it (the big handles around the selected page are indicating that). You checked Show Master Page Overlay which causes the display of the thick blue line, then you dragged the overlay so it was no longer centered over the left page. I recreated this below:



            I think if you drag the Master Page overlay so it aligns on the page, you should be OK from what I can see. Then turn off the overlay and choose another tool.

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              Matthew Amster-Burton Level 1

              Thanks, guys. The problem is persisting. Let me see if I can narrow it down with some more information:


              • I had never used the page tool prior to taking that screenshot; I only used it to show that the master page was misaligned.
              • I haven't used any liquid/dynamic layout functions, as far as I know.
              • I can drag the master page back into place using the page tool, as you suggested, but the problem will come back at some point after a sync or renumbering (not sure which) of the book. It doesn't happen every time--probably only when the page count changes.
              • I tried changing the master pages from spreads to single pages. Didn't help.
              • When I reapply the master page to a page where the master is misaligned, it warns me, "Page 38 has a custom page size. The page can retain its current size or be resized to match the new master." If I say "Use master page size," this fixes the problem (temporarily). But I'm 100% sure all pages and masters in the book are the same size.


              Please let me know what else I can do to help you figure out this vexing problem. I really appreciate your help.




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                Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                I think you (or someone else who might have handled the file) inadvertantly selected the Page tool. I'm confident that that's the only way you could get the display you posted. And it's the only way I know you could get the message about a custom page size. Here's a posting on how to check for custom page sizes set with the Page tool.



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                  Matthew Amster-Burton Level 1

                  Thanks, Steve. The link you posted is to an unrelated thread. Could you please repost?




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                    Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Sorry for the wrong link. I think they're reworking their website. Try this:



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                      NathanDiesel Level 1

                      Hi Matthew, I'm having the exact same problem of the mis-aligned master page when I insert pages and it is very frustrating. I've also not used the page tool while in the document, yet when I apply master pages I get the warning, "There are different page sizes, do you want to use the master page size?" Of course I do! And there are not different page sizes in my document!


                      Did you find a solution? Steve's post about using the page tool did not point me toward an answer.

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                        I had the same problem yesterday and couldn't find a solution.


                        So I deleted the master page and created a new one... that for some reason worked! Mysterious, ay.

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                          Matthew Amster-Burton Level 1

                          Trinity3, I should try that, because I still hadn't found a solution and had resorted to just being really careful not to change the page count.



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                            Trinity3 Level 1

                            You are welcome. I hope it works for you.
                            Sometimes I spend so long trying to figure something out and realise it's quicker just to wipe the slate clean (although not possible for everything).

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                              NathanDiesel Level 1

                              Thanks for the quick response. I had to wipe the slate clean and recreate the documents. Tried updating InDesign, restarting, saving as IDML and reopening; none of that worked. I didn't think of simply deleting the master pages and making new ones. I now have a new problem, wherein InDesign reapplies master page items, which I locally over-rode, when I drag the page to a new location in the document. WTF? I've been using InDesign for almost 10 years and have never encountered these types of bugs.

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                                NathanDiesel Level 1

                                Solved the unrelated problem. I'm using facing pages, so when a left-handed page is shuffled and ends up on the right, the master-page objects for the right appear on it. After 10 years, I don't know why I haven't run into this problem sooner. A discussion thread here explains it.