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    Audio over several slides

    USECU123 Level 1

      Is it possible to use the same audio file and sync over several slides?

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          Mr Sahu Level 1



          Thanks to contacting Adobe.

          Kindly provide system information like which operating system and which presenter version

          you are using to  help you with optimal solution.


          As per my understanding, you want to import a single audio file and then you want to sync over several slides or all slides.

          Is this you want ?


          if yes,

          Then currently this feature is not suppoerted directly in the presenter. But you can put  marker in the audio file using 'Adobe Audition '  or any other audio editing tool. Then you can import the auido file  with ignore marker unchecked in audio import dialog (if you are using Presenter 8.0 / 8.1) . Once audio import is done. After that you will be able to sync as well in audio sync dialog.


          If not, Kindly provide a use case scenario how do you want to use presenter and also let us know how does it help you.

          We will be glad to hear from you.





          (Adobe presenter engineering team)

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            flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

            To clarify, you can import the audio file to your first slide. Then open the Edit Audio tool and move the slide markers to the appropriate location in the audio to get that portion of the audio on the correct slide. Once that is done you can use the Sync Audio tool to have the animations set to 'on-click' to happen at the right time in the audio.

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              USECU123 Level 1

              Your assumption is right- that is what I want to do. I have presenter 8.0

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                USECU123 Level 1



                This helps- however, I found that when I was moving slide markers in audio edit- there were also “clicks” for the animations, that was really tricky and when I finished, the slides started showing backwards (from the last slide to the first)- I took all animations out of power point and moved the markers.  I will work on adding the animations again and syncing the audio- too much work ☺

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                  flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

                  The easier trick is to use an audio editing program to break up the audio file into multiple files. This way you can have one audio file per slide, and save yourself the trouble with dealing with the click markers.

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                    USECU123 Level 1

                    I know- I did think about that option- either way it is a lot of work when the presentation is over one hour- breaking the audio in 75 slides is a bit time consuming ☺. Thanks for the response, I still love adobe presenter!