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    Why did my form update stop submitting?

    Pat Silvia

      My ColdFusion Application has forms that are editable and upon submit the database is updated. I am using an Access database. All my forms work, except one.  I have recoded it several times to no avail.  I have rebuilt the table as well. When I submit the form, I get a error message - "500 internal server error, there is a problem with the resource you are looking for and it cannot be displayed".  All my other forms submit the same way and have the same code except for the table name and field names and they work. When I change to method="get", I get the correct page to come up if I remove all the query code and I get my debug statement to show I made it to the page.  However, when I try to see my hidden values that I am passing, I get an error telling me that I have a 500 internal server error and that my form element "ID" is undefined.  As I stated before, this page is almost identical to others except for the survey content. My form has this:

      I am using this to pass my hidden fields (I have several I am passing): My query is conditional: (UserID and Form_Date are the key fields) formfields="UserID,Form_Date,Comments,Form_Status"> formfields="UserID,Form_Date, q1, q2, q3, q4, q5, Comments,Form_Status">

      Survey 1

        Record #form.ID#,  #form.UserID# has been updated.