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    Help! Need to change all endnote numbers to roman numerals quick and easy.

    t_m_back Level 1

      I have a document with about 150 endnotes (not footnotes) (yuck). When I brought it into indesign CS5.5 from word, it automatically changed all the numbers to regular 1-2-3-etc numbers. I was grateful they at least made it into the indesign document.


      I tried changing the footnote number style to roman numerals, but of course, since they're not footnotes -- that didn't help.


      Is there a way to do this by a GREP search and replace? If so, HOW and what do I type in?


      They are all superscript, so I figure I'd find all the superscript numbers.... and just make a replace with Roman Numeerals -- just have no idea how to do it. Need it fast as I'm on deadline, as always.


      Thank you!