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    CS6 opens only master pages?

    Brad_Simmons Level 1



      Recently, I upgraded my Adobe InDesign from CS5 to CS6. Since then, I have had three different files displaying a similar problem - when I open them, these files, they automatically open to my master page. This was pretty jarring the first time it happened to me and I found myself staring at a nearly-white page!


      Now this is not a huge problem, because I can use the Pages palette to open the actual page itself. But it is annoying, because there appears to be no way to change this so that ID will open up the page itself rather than the template it's based upon.


      I cannot do a "Save" after I switch over to see my page because ID doesn't think I've changed anything in the actual file, (which in fact, I haven't).


      I did print the file and it appears that I can still print all of my content, even if it doesn't automatically appear on my viewing screen (without specifying that I want to see the actual pages).


      So my question is this: Would anyone have an idea how I could fix this? Has anyone else seen a similar problem where ID would only open up your master page(s)?