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    Unable to export file to ePub anymore


      Hi, I have an InDesign (CS6) file that I have previously successfully exported as an ePub.  I have made some changes to the file to get an inline video to work (there are several others in the document) and now it will not export.  It either locks up the computer or does nothing.  When it locks up, it brings up the box saying exporting, then nothing.  I do, however, get a folder on my desktop (where I'm trying to save) that has the name of the file(Woodford)-epub-tempFiles.  There are folders in there, but the folders are empty.  I created a new file to see if I was doing something wrong in exporting from InDesign and it works just fine.  Is there something in the file that is corrupted?  Something that needs to be changed that I'm not seeing?  Any help would be appreciated!