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    Error message with domain site: Cannot seem to delete a domain name completely

    jmilhorat Level 1

      Hi All,

      I followed all the steps to delete < www.onlyrealgamemovie.com > on Bc -- including re-direct so I could use GoDaddy for DNS.

      < www.onlyrealgamemovie.com > is registered with GoDaddy and it is pointing at the Muse site on BC <http://theonlyrealgameawayhome.businesscatalyst.com/ >

      My problem is adding <www.onlyrealgamemovie.com > back on BC -- I keep getting and error message:

      "cannot add domain because this domain already exisits. Please delete the domain."

      I DID delete it so I do not know what to do!

      HELP!!! The 5 producers are getting very anxious about the site not being up yet!!!