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    French Version and captions

      I have just bought the french version of Adobe captivate 3.
      Before i had a english trial version installed because the french version was not released at that time.
      I have uninstalled the english version before installing the french one in my PC.
      With demos I get all the captions messages in english and not in french.
      I have followede the same procedure with my notebook and every thing works fine.
      I have repeted the process at least 4 times and I always end up with the same result all messages in english.
      Can anyone please give me an explanation or guide me to what must be done.
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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi coolpyx1

          I'm wondering if the answer to this could be as simple as taking the following steps.

          Open Captivate up and click File > Record/Create > New Project...
          Choose Software Simulation, then Custom Size
          Click OK
          At this point you should see the recording window and dialog. On the recording dialog, look to the left of the Settings... button. See that Learn more... link? Look immediately above that and you should see the word "Advanced". To the left of the word "Advanced" is a small button with two down arrows. Click this button and the dialog should change. It should expand and reveal a drop-down that allows you to choose your desired language.

          Give that a go and see if it helps any. Hopefully it will be just what you need.

          Cheers... Rick
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            coolpyx1 Level 1
            Hi Rick,
            Thanks very much indeed.
            I very much appreciate your accuracy.
            Everything is set perfectly.
            Sorry for having generated 2 posts.