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    after effects CS6 error file cannot be imported - this 'moov' file is damaged or unsupported


      Hi there,


      I'm working in After Effects CS6 (

      I imported an AAF that was exported from Avid MC 6.5.2. I colour corrected and graded the sequence using colorista 2 and magic bullet looks and some other native AE FX.


      Before exporting I decided to double check something to do with the audio. I imported the same AAF into FCP 7, took a quick look, but decided nothing needed to be done. I tabbed back to AE (which was left open), and upon returning, AE started giving me all these 'damaged or unsupported' errors.


      Subsequently, AE will now not import any quicktime movies - even ones I rendered out of after effects earlier in the day (these quicktimes use ProRes422 codecs, animation codecs and other lossless codecs)


      I've restarted, re-exported the AAF several times using diff settings, uninstalled perian... but to no success.


      Anyone got any good ideas? I've had this happen before, where AE will import an AAF and it works first time no problem. Then something happens when I re-open the project and boom... 'moov' errors. It's really odd and very annoying - esp since it now won't import other normal quicktime movies too - with the animation codec. I have quicktime 7 pro installed and quicktime X on Mountain Lion (OS 10.8.3).





      Caravan Media, New Zealand


      System Details: MacPro (OS10.8.3) 2 x 2.93GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon, 24GB RAM, Radeon HD 5870 1GB

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          No idea, but maybe it's one of those notorious Avid things? Have you considered reinstalling MC or at least their CoDecs?



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            bigmike246 Level 1

            This is happening on my system, too, since Monday. April Fools Day.  I'd hate to think that I got hit by something nasty.


            Premiere is affected, as is Encore.  I'll be back if I can find a solution.  I can't work in any of the Adobe products I normally use.


            I've tried reinstalling Quicktime.


            The only unusual thing that has happened with my system lately is I upgraded my Intego Internet Security Suite and over the weekend I somehow got Genieo installed on my system. I have removed Genieo, but the trouble remains.

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              Hanz Franz

              I have the exact same problem on a Mac with 10.8.3 and After Effects from the Adobe CS6 MasterCollection (AE (german)): all of a sudden I cannot import any native QuickTime-Movies (ProRes, Animation) or even movies that use e.g. H264 in a QuickTime container. Even projects that worked 2 days ago that contain QuickTime-movies will not open anymore.


              This happened 2 days ago without any action from me that I can think of that could have caused this. I did not install any new codecs or plugins, nor was there anything in the apple software update.


              What I tried/checked so far (to no avail):

              • disks are OK,
              • file permissions are OK,
              • no Firewall is blocking anything,
              • deleted AE-prefs,
              • removed all 3rd-party plugins,
              • removed all 3rd-party codecs.


              Edit: I did some further poking around, and it turns out that after deleting or resetting file permissions of the folder "~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects" AE will briefly allow you to open an existing project that contains QT-movies. If you then try to import any QT-movie you get the error message -- and after that you cannot open the project again.


              This is really bad -- AE is basically unusable right now.


              P.S.: The (german) error-message is this: "After Effects Fehler: Die Datei "filname.mov" kann nicht importiert werden: Datei "MooV" ist entweder beschädigt oder wird nicht unterstützt."


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                bigmike246 Level 1

                I beat my head against the wall trying to fix the permissions on the disc, too.  If you have the same problem I did, .mp4 will not play as well as the .mov.  and you won't be able to fix the problem while you are booted on the same OS drive.


                Stop deleting plugs for the time being. On my system the permissions were turned off and I had to fix the drive by bootion from another one.


                When I install a new hard drive, I always save the old one.  When I upgrade an operating system (i.e. Mountain Lion) I clone the current OS drive with Carbon Copy Cloner.  This time it paid off.


                What I did finally did when I got that weird permissions issue on April 1 was boot from one of my old drives, via usb adapter and holding down OPTION as I boot.

                Then, from the alternate OS drive, I ran Disk Warrior and repaired permissions on the drive with the problems.  I also ran Onyx on it and Disc Utility.   Everything was fine after that.


                Good Luck!


                PS: If you don't have a backup OS drive laying around, you might try reinstalling the OS while you are booted on the problematic disc.  It doesn't take very long and, as long as you choose upgrade and not clean install, you will clean the trouble.