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    PP 6.0 Says my scratch disks are write protected - THEY ARE NOT!

    Steve_Knepp Level 1

      OK, first things first. I am new to PP 6.0/Creative Cloud, but not to Mac OSX. I am OSX certified so I know when I'm being lied to. When opening an existing project PP is saying my scratch disks are write protected or unavailable. Liar liar pants on fire.


      When I created the project I had no problem setting the scratch disks to the project's working directory. It is a 3 TB volume separate from the OS. I checked permissions and just for laughs I removed all restrictions and made the disk Read/Write to everyone. I even added myself as the Admin with Read/Write. I closed PP and reopened the project. Same prompt. I rebooted. Same prompt. Since it is not a system drive there is no reason to, nor will it benefit to run disk permissions. I still cannot set that as the scratch drive. Do I need to add either Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny? Perhaps the tooth fairy?


      I can copy, paste, detete and move files to my heart's content with Finder. Every night at 11 pm CC Cloner clones that volume to an identical drive. That drive is also accessible.


      SOOO . . . . I am not the smartest guy in the world but I am far from the dumbest. What am I missing? It's 8:18 EST on April 2nd. 1st to answer before 9 pm wins a bag of double stuff Oreos.


      Mac OS 10.8.3


      2 x 2.8 Quad Core Xeon

      16 GB 800 DDR2 Ram

      Drive 1: 500 GB System Drive

      Drive 2: 1 TB Time Machine

      Drive 3: 3 TB Media Drive

      Drive 4: 3 TB clone of Drive 3