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    Can you place text from a word document using data merge?


      I'm working with a charity that is giving away scholarships/grants. I need to create a ducument that pulls in various application data plus their submitted essay (docx format). I would like to do this via data merge but cannot find any reference if it is possible.


      Please help, I really need to automate as much as possible since this is a side project.



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          Joel Cherney Level 5

          Data merge only collects info from CSV format - which I expect you would export from Excel. (I think it'll take tab-delimited as well, but that's it.)


          MS Word files can be placed, but Data Merge is not the tool to automate placing of Word-file content. If there is no formatting of their essays, I suspect you could use VBA to cause entire essays to occupy a single cell in Excel. But that would be the only way to use Data Merge to automate import of essays into InDesign.


          Maybe if you tell us more we can give you some more automation suggestions. (I spend a lot of time automating translation workflows, but I still place Word files. All day long, in fact.)


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