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    Confused about color profile support in PNG

    Astara_ Level 1

      NOTE -- you have to hover over the image to see the real images.  The images embedded in the webpage have their profiles stripped -- just like photoshop does!  Interesting.




      I ask a similar question on this before, but couldn't give a satisfactory demonstration of how photoshop doesn't support color profiles in png's.


      But now I have a great one.


      Picture A: this is with the correct color profile and displays correctly in firefox and probably other browsers -- also displays correctly on windows desktop and in large-icon view.  png-color-profile-test.png



      Ok, anyone who doesn't believe me, grab that image and try to read it into photoshop...


      I do, and get no warning on profile mismatch like I do on jpg's or tiff's:


      photoshop strips the existing profile and adds sRGB which isn't the correct profile.


      This is how photoshop transforms good colors into bad:


      Photoshop not handling profile.png



      Completly screwed up.


      I have had multiple people notice how my png saved images from photoshop had "off" or bad colors -- usually washed out in comparison w/my monitor profile.


      I can get 'ok' results if I flatten the image and *convert* my existing profile to sRGB -- and I usually get

      something that looks 'acceptable'...though the jpg's render in accurate color.


      Basically, photoshop can't read or write png web images. and maintain color fidelity unless they have no profile.  Even if they have an sRGB profile, I usually get washed out looking pics if I don't strip it but let adobe convert it.


      In googling for my own problem, I found references to this problem in Adobe Photoshop going back to 2002.


      Why does adobe refuse to fix this?  It's horrible.


      They could fix it with a file plugin for existing CS5-6 users, but it really needs to get fixed and Adobe needs to stop ignoring this problem.


      :-(  I find this extra depressing because I prefer to distribute my pictures losslessly in png,  but with photoshop, I'm left with lossy jpegs to get accurate color reproduction.