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    ePub export error


      I have created an ePub from an InDesign book file. After running the file through ePubCheck, I came up with twenty-some odd errors, most of which I fixed. One nasty one remains.




      title element is empty


      I've Googled, but all suggestions I found require coding stuff that's way over my head. Is it possible to fix this error using the InDesign program iteself?


      Please help!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I have an idea that you're using an old version of InDesign (CS4?). The last couple of versions of InDesign produce ePub files generally that pass ePubCheck.


          Did you enter metadata about the book in InDesign: File > File Info? You need to include as a minimum include the Document Title.

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            VDasi Level 1

            Thank you, Steve. I am using a trial version of InDesign CS6. I did enter metadata, including the title.

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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Did you turn on Document Metadata on the Advanced panel of the EPUB Export dialog?



              The reason I'm asking is that your error message points to line 6 of the Contents.opf file within the EPUB package.


              Here's a capture of the Contents.opf in an EPUB file I've created. Notice line 6 refers to the Document Title:



              That's what's missing and causing your error.


              BTW, I know you're trying to avoid dealing with the code within an EPUB file, but you're going to severely limited in what you can do until you being to learn about the way the EPUB is structured, and learn a little about HTML and CSS.

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                VDasi Level 1

                Yes, I did turn on Document Metadata. :/


                Another issue is the navigational table of contents. Individual documents within the book file have underscores in place of spaces, ie. Chapter_1 instead of Chapter 1. The underscores then show up in the Navigational TOC generated by InDesign. If I can resolve that issue plus the abovementioned error, it's Mission Accomplished! I just watched a video on how to crack open an ePub by turning it into a .zip file, but again I've no idea what to edit and how to get it back together again in the end.


                I am very willing to learn about HTML, CSS etc. Any good resource online?


                Thanks again, Steve, for your assistance.

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                  Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  The best would be Anne-Marie Concepcion's videos on creating EPUB from InDesign on Lynda.com. Bob Levine has a link he can send which will give you a free week on Lynda.com. Hopefully, he'll post to this tomorrow.

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                    BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                    Someone call me?


                    One week trial for Lynda.com: http://bit.ly/RS0GXs


                    BTW, it's worth the $25/month anyway.



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                      VDasi Level 1

                      Thanks Bob, I will do that.

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                        VDasi Level 1

                        Haven't made it to Lynda yet, but I did some reading and came up with the following solution.



                        1. Turned my .epub into a .zip file by changing the file extension. Did not extract files.
                        2. Dragged and dropped only toc.ncx and content.opf onto my Desktop.
                        3. Edited the code in each file using Notepad++ (easier to keep all that code straight than in regular notepad) and hit Save.
                        4. Dragged and dropped the edited files back into the (still zipped) .zip file.
                        5. Changed the file extension from .zip back to .epub
                        6. Ran through ePub Validator. Success!