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    Photoshop Help | Presets

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/using/presets.html

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          Alt-Click to delete Preset Items? Is that used anywhere else in Photoshop? I mean, how is that intuitive?

          There is no 'undo' for those actions, also why can't I just select multiple and press or select 'delete'?


          This article is incredibly helpful to understand the workings of the Preset Manager. On the other hand, the Manager is so awfully crafted, and it's UI and controls only agrevate it's unjustified complexity.

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            Yes, alt/option click to delete is pretty common.


            You can select multiple presets in the preset manager, then delete or save that selected set.

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              Ok, I guess it's good to know. I'll keep an eye out for other places.


              You say you can select a multiple presets, and then save a 'set'. True.

              Although, I find the terminology for the Manager confusing. If i take Brushes for example, the words 'Preset Manager', 'presets, 'sets' and 'brushes' are all present. If i get it right, 'presets' are also 'brushes' and 'sets' are actually 'sets of presets'.

              At the same time, if I click 'load' i'm actually appending, and 'save set' means more like 'save selection'. Then, if I actually want to replace all my brushes, it's in a different menu and is called 'replace brushes'.

              It seems to me that most of the functionnality I'm looking for is there, but it's just isn't so intuitive to use.


              Also, the menu is helpful in loading different Sets of brushes rapidly, and it asks for appending or replacing. But, once these sets are opened, it seems to me they are integrated to the list (or a new list) and then they loose their identity. What I mean is, if I modify the current opened set, and then want to replace it with another one, it will ask me if I want to save my current set. But it doesn't remember wich one it is, and just ask me to save a new one.

              In the same idea, if for example I have a currently opened set and I modify it. And then i want to save it. I can't just click 'save set',  I have to be sure I've selected all the brushes before. And still I have to remember wich one it was so I can overwrite it.

              Maybe I just think of the Preset files as too big of a concept.


              Sorry for seeming angry before, I was fighting with the Manager. Also, it seems now i can select multiple items and  use the 'delete' button (it was grayed out before, a bug I guess). Although, if I have a multiple selection, I still can't right-click and 'delete' or 'rename' as it doesn't keep the selection.



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                All of those terms mean something different.


                Brushes can save a brush preset.

                Sets of presets are just that - groups of presets.


                Yes, once you load a set of presets, they are no longer attached to the file you loaded them from. They're presets, not a Word document.


                It is actually pretty intuitive for most people.

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                  JFBeaulieu wrote:


                  …Sorry for seeming angry before…


                  The angrier the rant, the greater the probability of PEBKAC. 


                  Just my personal observation during eleven years of reading these forums.

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                    I understand the difference between brushes and brush presets, and that's just another naming problem. And it's the same problem about saving when you modify a brush preset. You can't save it, you create a new preset and then delete the old one.


                    Thinking the manager is intuitive is wrong in my opinion. I doubt that anyone who hasn't read this page understand much of how it works without a lot of trials and error. If 'most people' mean the programmers at Adobe, maybe. Sure the presets aren't a Word document (thank god), but that's probably how 99% of the users will assume it's working.


                    Sure this functionnality is 'fine', while not optimal, but the way it's presented in the UI is not easy to understand, and it's naming convention misleading.

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                      @station_two That's for sure, although finding these problems after spending more then a decade using a program that has seen so many revisions doesn't tend to make anyone calm at all I would say.