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    Pick whip tool feature request

    gabcede Level 1

      I've been a long time After Effects user and have found the pick whip tool to be a time saving and handy feature when creating scripts and links. Any chance of having this feature enabled for InDesign for those creating iPad apps? 

      While I do realize that this isn't the venue to post this kind of stuff perhaps someone can provide a link to the correct forum. Alternatively I do plan to attend adobe max in May and if there's staff on site whose willing to listen I can show them the iPad app I'm working on that would definitely be able to take advantage of such a feature and workflow.

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          Neil Enns - Adobe Adobe Employee

          Moving to the InDesign forum since that's the team that does the scripting and links features.



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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            For those of us who have no idea waht the Pick Whip tool does, can you provide some details?


            Also, I can move this to the ID feature request forum, where it might get seen, but your best bet is to file a formal feature request at Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


            For new features to be seriously considered you need to show a strong use case that will benefit a large number of users.

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              SuperMacGuy Level 2

              A pick whip is a UI widget that looks like a coil on a button. When you want to link content for example placing an image on the page, you can use it. Let's say you can see your Finder window beside the InD document window. To place an image, you'd select the image box, then drag from the pick whip widget (presumably on the options or control bar). It drags out a little line and then you put the end of the line on the image file in the Finder window. And when you release it, it does a fun little wiggly noodle retraction. And the content is linked or placed.

              The downside of that is it assumes that you can see your other content/files beside your document window, or you are using a file viewer inside of the application and have it displaying the content you want to link to.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                OK, makes some sense.


                Same concept, essentially, as dragging from the mini-bridge window....