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    Image resizing error for a responsive layout

    masud ayub



      well I was adding some images - in edge animate, but when I try to make the file responsive, by turning that particular image from px to %, something is going on wrong! very wrong, the image does not resize it self in accordance with both width and height, rather only stretches it-self horizontaly and a bit verticaly, and in doing so , for example my equilateral triangle doesnt remains as an equilateral triangle any more.. or my square become a rectangle.. when i view the file in chrome in full size browser... (however the issue is not appearing when i view the file in smaller version like for mobile)


      Can any one help me here, please!




      Also, when i paste something with animations from one file to another, it pastes itself on the same time line number as in the original file, like if I paste a square from one file to another with animations in it at 1.03 , it will paste on the same in the new file, however i waant it to be at 0.00  (or anyother particular time frame) ... Can this be possible ?? becoz to make it right, i have to drag the animation from 1.03 to 0.00 ... which is really a time consuming task 




      Best Regards