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    REALLY need some help with transparent background


      This is really starting to bug me now as I have searched the forums and the web for hours and still cannot get this to work.


      I am creating a simple one page site at http://freeselfhelpebooks.org/50ofTheBestPDProducts/


      I want the header and footer image to have a transparent background with only the text showing, so that the text shows on the background image.


      So far I have created the header image with a transparent background Modify > Canvas > Canvas Colour > Transparent all good so far.  I have added some text.  Then I save as file type PNG 32, however I still get the background as white as you can see above.


      I have tried PNG 8 with alpha transparency, no transparency but to no avail.  I have even downloaded Photoshop CS6 and have the same issues.  What am I doing wrong here?