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    Photoshop CS5 - Action is not running automatically  while I trying to save PDF to JPG


      My Problem in Photoshop CS5: Action is not running automatically while I trying to save PDF to JPG, in the batch process:

      Followed following steps:

      1. Opened PDF file
      2. Created new auction (F2)
      3. Flatten image
      4. Save as JPG
      5. Close file

      To Run Batch:

      1. Opened Batch dialogue box
      2. Selected set/action name
      3. Source: selected as “Folder”
      4. Directed location using “Choose” button
      5. And no selected any check boxes under the “Choose” button
      6. Clicked “OK”

        Now all the PDFs are opened one after another but not execute the selected action. Please help how to resolve for auto run.