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    how to create time signal


      hi guys, i'm webdesigner who work with design 89% and code 11% does anyone could help me to create a time signal?it's like a time reminder or alarm in a website, so if we set the time into 12 for example, so when the time's come it will shown some pop up or ringing the bell or something like that. please give me some tutorial or a website that has a time signal, but i prefer tutorial to a website


      sory for bad grammar, i'm indonesian anyway

      thank you so much guys.

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          Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

          What you can do is look for a countdown tutorial.  If you search Google using terms like "AS3 countdown tutorial" you will find a number of results that can help you create the timer.  Here is one of them...



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            scx10 Community Member

            Hi Ned, thanks for helping, by the way that's not what i need, sorry...it's should be like this:



            - i made some time schedule in flash cs5 (it's more like a time zone) and i put into a website

            - there are times to wake up at 7am, to eat at 12am and take a bath at 5pm


            and when my watch shown 7, the flash banner should show some pop up or ringing the bell or make a noise to wake me up.

            and when my watch shown 12 it does the same way like i said before.

            and so on every day.


            did you know what action script should i work with?the action script 2 or action script 3 ?

            my friend said i should set the time on the server too, it's that right?


            sorry for some odd explanation and for the grammar too


            thanks for helping

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              Ned Murphy ACP/MVP

              Just look into making use of the Date class to have it pick different times of the day to trigger whatever actions you want.    The thing about this is that the program needs to be running constantly and checking the time to see if it's time to take some action.