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    Notification appearing while using internal distribution server


      This may have already been discussed in another thread, but I could not find it.


      I am using an internal server to distribute Flash.  I followed the directions in the admin guide and the initial testing worked.  We deployed to our users version 11.6.602.171 along with a modfied mms.cfg file.  We began doing internal testing on .180, but have not deployed it to our internal servers yet.  In that time, all our users began receiving notfications to update to version .180.  My understanding was that if we use an internal server, those notifications would no longer appear.  Does Flash still call home to adobe.com and check for newer versions?


      My mms.cfg does have an AutoUpdateInterval=1 setting, but I would still believe that should not have an effect a long as the internal server does not have a later version available.