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    Mac PPC vs Intel?

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      Just a quick inquiry to anyone who may have done hybrid projects lately.

      I develop on Windows and only have an Intel Mac Mini for testing. In fact, everyone I know ( all 2 of them) with a Mac has an Intel machine and not a PPC version. We are only concerned with OSX 10.3 and higher due to the fact that one Xtra has that as a minimum requirement, so I only need to know about that target. Even the city libraries and schools all are running Windows it seems.

      Our project runs properly, thus far, on Windows (all 32 & 64 bit bit flavours, including Vista) and it also runs on Intel OSX.

      My question is whether or not there would be any reason it would not function on PPC?

      All the Xtras we use are either native to Director MX 2004 or are xtras that have been around since before the Intel platform existed for Apple.

      The 3rd party apps we are using are : BuddyAPI, OSControl, INM Vizion DB, and Webviewer Xtra

      As I said, we have no issues on the Intel side of the equation, so I just want some assurance that the app should work on PPC as well since it has to be sent off for duplication soon and I seem to have nowhere available to test it.

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          I have not seen any issues with PPC Macs not working when their
          counterpart Intel do work. In fact, the Intel Macs are having to run
          all the PPC code under Rosetta, so you should find in almost every
          instance that the PPCs will run the same programs faster. Especially if
          you use 3d.