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    Wrong format downloaded

    Tor Hansen

      Whenever i download a .pdf from formscentral i get a message that the file format is wrong. All the files saves as .13 files and i have to open each one in adobe reader and re save them as .pdf files to be able to make them readable to other people...somebody can help me solve this?

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          kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator

          Mr. Hansen,


          Would you mind share your form with me and send me a screen shot when the error message is up?


          You can share your form by doing the following:



          1. Click on “Design tab” on the top left corner.

          2. Click on the “Share” icon on the bottom left corner.

          3. Click on “Add Collaborator” on the popup menu.

          4. Enter kenc@adobe.com under “People to share with”.

          5. In the Message edit box, type in the title of this issue

          6. Click the “Share” button on the bottom right of the dialog.





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            Tor Hansen Level 1



            Thanks for your reply, i have been experimenting and it turns out the error occurs when i change the filename without keeping .pdf in the filename.

            So that’s really what happens, if i change the name of the file from e.g response.pdf to just response the file is not recognized by the computer as a .pdf file.


            Kind regards

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              kenc@adobe.com Employee Moderator

              I am glad that you found the problem.


              Thank you for using FormsCentral.