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    Spinnerlist with button click


      Do anyone have a sample code of how to open a spinnerlist with a button click?

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          fsoender Level 1

          I got it myself, here is the code:



          <s:CalloutButton x="400" y="100" label="OpenSpinnerList" close="calloutbutton_closeHandler(event)" color="#FFFFFF">





                                     <s:SpinnerListContainer x="22" y="85" width="135" height="110">

                                         <s:SpinnerList id="SpinnerList" width="270" fontWeight="bold" labelField="data" selectedIndex="1">



                                                          <fx:Object data="  "></fx:Object>

                                                          <fx:Object data="1"></fx:Object>

                                                          <fx:Object data="2"></fx:Object>

                                                          <fx:Object data="3"></fx:Object>

                                                          <fx:Object data="4"></fx:Object>

                                                          <fx:Object data="5"></fx:Object>