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    27 inch monitor for animation work

    AgrisCaurs Level 1

      I know it`s been asked before but the topic didn`t cover what i`m up to.


      I want to buy a 27 inch 2550x1440 monitor for using 70% time in AE. I will use my current FHD monitor as second screen


      Standart gamut monitor, as I don`t want to deal with color manegement and want to be closer to hardware my clients have. I mostly produce for web and a little for TV.

      No PWM - as i`m reading much about monitors i discovered that most are using PWM, which is backlight flickering. It couses headaches. Right now i`m using one with PWM and at the end of day my eyes and brain isn`t in the best condition, so I think it`s no brainer to try monitor without PWM, maybe sitting at computer all day will become more pleasant ;D


      Dell U2713Hm is what i want to buy - it has nice reviews on TFT Central and Prad.de , but many users are complaining about backlight bleed and crosshatching. Returning them many times. Don`t know maybe those issues aren`t that bad. But i have no chance to see this screen in life before buying. Has no PWM.


      Apple Cinema 27 is glossy, but has deeper blacks and nice clarity. I`ve seen in life and looks super good + has a webcam and mic.

      I think glossy wouldn`t be much issue, couse i freelance and there is no direct light coming screen direction. Don`t know about PWM, haven`t found articles where ACD is tested for it.


      U2713H i want to avoid, couse it`s wide gamut.


      Olders Dells, such as 2711 not considering becouse of aggressive AG coating