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    Adobe Media Encoder different audio file to video file.




      I've been encoding files from several different DVD's and when I play the encoded file the video is correct but the audio is from a completely different file. This is I am assuming is because the file names on the DVD's are the same i.e. VTS_01_1.. etc. When I realised it was doing this I permanently deleted the incorrectly encoded files, sorted all of the correctly encoded files into seperate folders for each DVD. This did not work even though media encoder was creating new file names for each file it encoded. I then re-named all of the correct files and re-named the files that I was about to encode. I have also cleared the media cache database. The files on the DVD's are fine and play as they should with the correct audio. What do I need to do to get the files to encode with the correct audio?!!! Thank you!

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          Try this - in Project Bin, right-click the clip in question and select "Make Offline". Then right-click again and choose "Link Media" and point it to the correct source file. Could be that the pointers got all confused as like you said, as sources had the same names.


          If that fails to resolve the problem - cleaning the Media Cache only works for projects that no longer exist, or are on a drive that is disconnected. Assuming that maybe the Conformed audio that is being used in the background is messed up, try this - close Premiere, then RENAME the project file, for instance add an "x" to beginning of filename. Now open Premiere (new project), then clean the cache again. Since it can't find your project, it should then remove all temp renders from the drive for that project.


          Next, rename project to original name and open and it should conform audio again as if just adding media for the first time. Hopefully for correct clips this time, if you have moved media around on drive to eliminate overlap of file names.


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