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    YouTube Video Full Screen goes haywire with partial and non-functional Icons


      Last few days when I request youTube video to go into full screen, it goes Partial with about 60% of the screen (right and below) going black.  BUT all icons become non-functional and clicking on them will only start and stop video... as if the entire screen has become the picture.


      This occurs on MOST videos but not all ???   Tried the Disable (Enable Hardware Acceleration) to no Avail.


      Using Windows XP,   32 Bit,   Chrome,   Flash   11.6.602.180

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          I'm having the exact same issue, except whenever I go to full-screen mode, it fills about 90% of the screen (screen capture below). Even the the controls for the video visually appear to the scale of the video playing, the buttons are actally located where the normally would be if it was truly in full screen. I noticed the issue started upon the latest update of the Chrome browser (Version 26.0.1410.43 m).


          I've searched the internet & have attempted various solutions such as disabling the Chrome Flash plug-in & using a OS installed version, as well as opting in & out of YouTube's partially rolled out HTML5 video player promotion, but nothing seems to fix the issue.


          The problem seems to only be with most (not all) YouTube videos, as I can still visit other websites that have flash video content & all I've tried seems to function properly. The problem also doesn't seem to exist when viewing YouTube using a different browser.

          I've tried reporting the issue to Google via the Chrome browser issue report & via YouTube directly, but have yet to hear any response.


          I am also using Windows XP 32bit, Chrome, Flash 11.6.602.180Fullscreen-mode.jpg