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    TreeGird with Multi ArrayCollection?

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      Hi all,

      Current component (called TreeGrid) provided by Flex Lib (available: http://code.google.com/p/flexlib/) could only accept one
      dataProvider as ArrayCollection (No problem with that).

      But! I need two show columns each one of them has its own childs (here is the problem). In my case, I have two columns (called Requirement1 and Requirement2). And each requirement has a set of childs (id, sentence, actor, ...).

      Actually, it shows a set of relationship between requirement1 and requirement2, and in current version DataGrid shows only
      the id number for the two comparison requirements. And the details for the two requirements will be shown outside DataGrid.
      When I saw TreeGrid, I thought that, it will be great to show the details inside DataGrid itself.

      I have tried to wrappe TreeGrid Items ArrayCollection inside another class as the following:

      class TreeGridCollection
      public var treeGridItems1: ArrayCollection;
      public var treeGridItems2: ArrayCollection;

      but it did not work. I need your help.