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    After Effects Won't Even Start - Error 0xc0000005




      I have the same issue DanielMagz has reported on the discussion at: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5197959#5197959


      Trouble is, the suggested fix that worked for him didn't work for me (disabling the integrated Intel HD 4000 GPU, same as my board's).


      I've been running Premiere Pro CS6 for 5 months smoothly, Intel GPU enabled. Installed After Effects trial and it won't even start before giving me the error message "0xc0000005".


      A first install was done from a folder downloaded 5 months ago from Adobe through the Application Manager. Since it didn't work I tried a fresh install directly through the Application Manager again. Didn't work either.


      My System:

      i7 3770K

      ASUS P8Z77-V Deluxe

      MSI GTX Geforce 660TI Power Edition

      GSkill DDR3 1600 - 8MB x 2

      Windows 7 Home Premium


      I have already tried the following (in that order) and none worked:

      1. Updating the BIOS.

      2. Updating the Geforce driver for the latest version, just released (since I was aware at least one of the driver update versions - don't remember which right now - didn't work with Premiere Pro, I was careful to keep a copy of my working driver to replace the new one if necessary. Premiere seems to be working with the new one so I din't switch back).

      3. Disabling the Intel GPU in the BIOS.

      4. Downloading and installing a fix from Microsoft for the "0xc0000005" error (which seems to occur in a variety of situations).


      It might be worth mentioning that I run Lucid Virtu although I don't think it's doing anything for Adobe software (I have also tried turning off its GPU virtualization to no avail. Is Lucid Virtu useful for Adobe soft at all? I have no intention of running games in this machine).


      I was strongly and urgently counting on After Effects to finish a project ASAP and most likely add it permanently to my bench, so it's quite disappointing.


      Also, it seemed strange to me that disabling the Intel GPU could be a solution, since part of the reason for its built (or so I'm told) and the choice of that motherboard in this system is the graphics features it has, to help the separate video card work with softs such as After Effects. Could anybody comment on that, too?


      Any help would be highly appreciated!


      Best regards.