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    Trouble using forms in a network

    El Bito Level 1

      I have a question or a problem, depends on the point of view.


      I’m using Adobe LiveCycle Designer to create dynamic forms in PDF format. For Adobe Acrobat users I have no problems but for Adobe Readers I have to do some treatment to the file which is selecting the option “Extend features for Adobe Reader”. With this option all the people that have Adobe reader can fill in the form and save it, but (and this is the problem) I put the file on P drive and everybody can fill in the form but if someone with adobe reader makes a mistake and tries to correct it, they can’t save it again under the same name. The file throws an error that says “the file is for read only, or another user might be using it. Please try to save it in another folder or under a different name”.


      That happens when you work from the P drive, but if you do it from the hard drive (C:) there’s no problem at all for anyone.


      Do you have any idea why this happens?