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    Is there a short cut for disabling clips w/o moving my mouse all over town?


      I have set a short cut ( ( Option E ) that will enable or disable my clip that I have selected with a mouse click.


      But, is there a way that I can disable or enable a clip on a video track where my playhead is without doing a lot of mouse moving and clicking?


      Let's say that I want to disable the green PROGRAM clip where I have made 2 edits to reveal the ISO CAM 1 underneith, but I have to move my mouse and click on the clip to be disabled and press Opt+E


      My goal is to limit mouse moving and clicking, sometimes it is ust faster to use short cuts and I am repeating this process many times.


      I know I can use multi-cam, but for this project it might be easier to do it this way because I am really just cleaning up a program line cut.


      Thanks for your input.



      Screen Shot 2013-04-03 at 10.18.46 AM.png