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    CF10 migration issues


      We have a production system currently running on CF9 and we're attempting to migrate everything to CF10 and ran into some wierd issues.  

      1) we have alot of CFC's in our application that are accessed by various .net applications via webservice.    for some reason, invoking the webservice call just hangs on the CF10 server.  we see it as a unresponsive request.  it seems to time out after 5 or 10 minutes. 


      2) we have a couple of .NET implemented webservices provided by 3rd party vendors for payment processing.  when we did CFIDE archive/deploy from CF9 to CF10 to get these into CFIDE, they imported.  however when I refresh on one of these, I get error "Variable WS not defined line 233" in CFIDE/extensions/webservice.cfm in the application log.     if I delete the webservice entry and try to readd it,  "Error creating web service. Please ensure that you have entered a correct Web Service name or URL."  with no application log entry.


      3)we also encountered a "Invalid byte 2 of 3 byte sequence" something about UTF8 encoding on these .net webservices.   This same webservice works in CF9 with no problems. 


      4) also, whenever server restarts, a request to certain CFCs within subdir of application root will hang for 5 minutes.   after it times out, all subsequent requests run without issue.  



      running clean install of CF 10.0.8 on a Windows 2012 VM



      Yuliang Ruan

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          Anit_Kumar Adobe Employee

          Hi Yuliang,


          As per our discussion, try to use the Code Analyzer within the CF Admin to validate the code. If you still have issues, please contact us again.



          Anit Kumar

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            Hi Anit,

            We recently started experiencing these same issues on CF10.  When we try to consume certain .net web services, we receive the error "Unable to parse WSDL as an XML document., Detail:Parsing error: Invalid byte 2 of 3-byte UTF-8 sequence.".  We also get error "Variable WS not defined line 233" in CFIDE/extensions/webservice.cfm" when we attept to refresh the webservice in the CFAdministor.


            We are able to call the webservice using CFHTTP.