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    Questions about a few functions

    makerimage Level 1

      If someone could answer these for me I'd be very grateful:


      1. How come when I use my paint bucket to change my canvas color it changes in shades as if the colors are mixing each time?


      2. How come sometimes when I drop a jpeg image into my canvas there's no selection window around it? Is there a button to "select"?


      3. Once I have an image on my canvas, how do I enlarge it without dragging a corner? If I change image size it changes the whole canvas.


      4. Whats the reason that layer zero is always locked when you open a new file?


      5. Is there a "duplicate" command?



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          groove25 Level 4
          1. Could be the Tolerance setting (in the Properties panel): Crank it up to 255 to affect all pixels on the selected layer. Hopefully, you realize you can change the color of your document's canvas background using Modify > Canvas > Canvas Color or by deselecting all objects and clicking on the Canvas color chip in the Properties panel.
          2. Be sure that the Pointer tool (black arrow) is selected in the toolbox. You should see a blue frame around the inserted bitmap.
          3. You could use any of the Modify > Transform commands.
          4. Not sure under what conditions this occurs. I usually do not experience this.
          5. Yes, there's Edit > Clone, Edit > Duplicate, or the basic Copy and Paste commands.


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