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    adobe id email versus a created email for forms central use


      so I have my main adobe id (email address) and purchased my own forms central subscription using it.  I then had my customer purchase their own forms central account with thier own user id (email address).  THEN I actually created a unique email address on my own computer for my customer so that their form confirmations would go there instead of mixing into my personal email.  HOWEVER -- the forms are not functioning properly when using that created email address as a form creator id.  The forms can be built and saved and all the settings are set correctly.  Responses are functioning and going through to the forms central database, and I GET THE EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS onthe created email, BUT the collaborator is not getting them at her address, despite the settings showing they are showing to be routed there.  What is up?  The ONLY thing that has changed from my first test forms (in which all notifications went properly where they needed to go) to my now malfunctioning notifications is the author email (not my "real" adobe id, but the email address I created for the author purpose).  Can y ou help?