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    Page Zoom Help ...

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      hello, i posted this in the gerneral forum and was asked to try here in the scripting forum.




        i know CS3 & CS4 would work the way we wanted, but CS6 is saving my page zoom when i close and save the document. This is annoying during our layout process having to hit ctrl-0 100's of times. We layout about 1000 documents for print every 6 weeks.


      In CS3 & CS4, no matter if i was zoomed in 800% to view 5pt text, when i closed and saved it, it would still reopen the document as a default "Fit Page In Window", which ctrl-o is the shortcut for. Is there a pref i am missing or a inf edit i can do to force indesign to open as the default view of "Fit Page In Window"?




      is this something that can be scripted?

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          TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Yes, I think it can be scripted. You'd want to put a script in your

          startup scripts folder that would add a "after document open" event

          listener (or something like that), and then execute a fit page to window



          Shouldn't be too complicated. I don't have time to actually write it

          now, though. Sorry. But in principle it should be doable -- although

          whether the necessary event listener exists (the document window would

          need to be created first) I'm not 100% sure.