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    Migrating from flash CS5.5 - Advice re: data integration

    codeBeastAdobe Level 1

      Hi I am used to using flash and now I am moving to Flex. I have been told its for real developers and the best route for data integration.

      I have an online learning management system where all the data goes into a mysql database. I want to create a dashboard that clients(schools) can log into and see information about their students progress.

      I am about to go through tutorials on lynda.com but there seem to be so many differentt ways that I am confused.

      Do I use Flex through flashbuilder + php or zendserver with php etc... I have read flex services, php services, web services, http services and I am confused.


      I only want a simple dashboard.


      Thanks for any clarification in advance. I am also a total newbie so will have to learn xmls from scratch. I am pretty good at OOP AS3.