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    Problems with CS6 using Bridge


      Hi - any help will be greatly appreciated! I cannot get PS6 to use Bridge or MiniBridge.  I just get "Waiting for Bridge CS6"


      I'm running Windows 7, SP1; and McAfee Security Center 11.6.  My account has Admin privileges.  I installed a full version of CS6 from CD. And I installed the latest updates (as of 4/3/13) for both products.PS6 and Bridge.

      Here's what I've tried:

      1. I installed CS6 successfully - Bridge won't launch from within CS6 (Bridge runs fine as a separate application.)  I uninstalled CS2, and rebooted, then re-installed CS6 - Bridge still won't launch.
      2. I uninstalled Photoshop Elements 10 (all the pieces) & rebooted.  I re-installed CS6 – Bridge still won't launch.
      3. I uninstalled Lightroom 1 & rebooted.  I re-installed CS6 - Bridge still won't launch.


      I checked online to try to find a solution and found this link:  http://helpx.adobe.com/photoshop/kb/error-waiting-for-bridge-cs5.html


      1. I renamed the switchboard folder; re-booted; launched CS6 – Bridge still won’t launch.
      2. I checked for issues with McAfee. McAfee lists both Photoshop CS6 and Bridge CS6 as having Full access to the internet.  I cannot find any way to allow or block programs on my PC from communicating with each other.
      3. I checked my hosts file.  It contains only comments.
      4. I cleared the cryptographic database and deleted keys via regedit (as instructed by link above) & re-booted.


      The only thing I did not try on the list was moving everything to a new account.  I am really reluctant to do this because it is more onerous than using Bridge as a stand-alone app!


      Thanks in advance!