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    Can someone explain why a 72dpi that went to print looked Great?

    iRuss Level 1

      Not sure if I should post this in the Photoshop or InDesign forum.


      I am working on laying out a book in InDesign that will be printed at one of those self publishing companies. I've done a bunch in the past. So my friend that I do a lot of work with did a book on his own that has a grayscale photo of a B-24 bomber on the cover. The image was 72dpi and the dimensions of the image were 52.389" X 35.722". In InDesign the image was scaled down to about 7 inches wide. The book came back and the cover photo looked great. What is puzzling to me is why the cover photo did not look all pixelated because it was 72dpi. Is there something about the image that it was so large in it's dimension, and then it was scaled down? Can someone explain this somehow?


      Just a note: Self publishing companies I beleave don't print their books on an offset printing press. I think they use highend laser printers. But I could be wrong.