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    Bridge CS6 Installation needs repaired - How?

    fgallery2 Level 1

      I uninstalled CS5.5, CS4 products, then had to go into the registry and replace the program "PhotoshopCS5.5" with CS6 just to get Bridge to be able to open files with photoshop.  Unfortunately, it now has no clue about a little application called Adobe Illustrator, or its corresponding .ai files.  I can no longer open files in AI with it.  I also don't even have an option in settings to associate a program with an .ai file.  It' not even in the list.  Brilliant...


      Because Bridge is installed with Photoshop (I believe), I'm not really sure how to handle this the best way.  I've tried downloading the latest bridge and installing, but it already is the latest version, so nothing happens.  I suppose I could wait for an update, then try that again, but there must be a better way.