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    Suggested DAM? Your favorites?


      We're a small group - 4 people - and use a common server for images. The files and folders have gotten out of control. We're using Mac and PC (Windows 7). We have CS6. I thought Bridge might be a good digital asset manager, but from searching the forums, I guess it isn't for multi-user, shared files. Is this also the case with Lightroom?


      What DAM solution are you using? I've read up on Cumulus, but we don't have the budget for it. I've also looked at Daminion. It seems like there are a lot of solutions out there, and I'm a bit lost.


      Also, which features are most important in choosing a solution?


      And, if you're using a DAM, then how are you using Bridge with it? (What is the benefit?)


      I've searched many of the Adobe forums for feedback on this topic, but I'd appreciate some current advice.