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    InDesign crashing when updating associated InCopy files


      We just upgraded to CS6 and Creative Cloud. When graphic designers are using InDesign and writers update the affiliated InCopy files, when the designers hit the Update button to pull in the updates, it crashes InDesign. Here is Pastebin link of a recent crash log.






      Designers are using Macs, writers are using PCs, we use DropBox to share the files, and re-placing the files seems to be ok, just not using the actual Update button. We've tried a ton of potential fixes, including resetting preferences, placing the file on to a new document, saving as IDML, exporting InCopy links separately.


      Anyone know of any fixes?

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          LiottaLexis Level 1

          This is the same for our department and the workflow sounds very similar except we are using Stand alone installs and not creative cloud with both design and editoiral using PCs.



          We have really experienced the problems when using previously designed templates from CS4 and are now having to go through systematcally and redo these from the ground up which seems to fix most but not all and is really annoying. Adobe of yet have not released a fix for this even thou there have been quite a few pastbin reports sent to them.



          CS6 using Indesign and Incopy is a real disappointment considering all the excellent features under the hood.



          See a long post here it might help