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    DNG Copnverter and CR2 files

    Rick the Starman

      I have a new Canon 60Da and an old Photoshop CS4 which requires that I use DNG Converter to convert my .cr2 files to DNGs for access.  I'm using version 7.4 of the converter, just downloaded and installed on a WinVista 64 machine.  If I open the converter and browse to select images the converter refuses to acknowledge any folders as containing .cr2 Canon raw files.  It continually reports zero files selected.  There is nothing wrong or unusual with the path to the folder.


      I am able to drag and drop up to about 25 files onto the shortcut icon on my desktop and the converter opens up and converts them.  I can also drop a folder of files onto the icon with success.  If I drop >25 files onto the shortcut I get a fatal error message: "C:\Program Files(x86)\Adobe\Adobe DNG Converter.exe The data area passed to a system call is too small."


      From the forum it appears that this was a problem back in mid-2011 so I guess I shouldn't expect any joy from Adobe.  Even aside from the fact that failing to support new cameras in ACR can only be explained as either incompetent programming or a conscious business decision to 'encourage' people to upgrade to later Photoshop versions.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When using the DNG converter to select your images, you cannot choose individual images or groups of images.  You can only choose the folder that contains raw images.  The DNG converter will not list actual files.  Only the folder that contains the files.  If you want to convert individual images you have to use that drag/drop method.