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    Password for Adobe Flash Player


      When I try to 'install' the "New Version" of Adobe Flash Player it tells me to put in my ID and Password. I put in my ID and Password (I use the same one for everything, and I also have it written down) and it shakes it's head and won't let me do it. It says the password is incorrect. What do I have to do to get what Adobe THINKS my password is? I called Tech Support, paid $19 for their wisdom, and he tells me I have to re-set my password, but that it will then re-set ALL my passwords for everything in my keychain!

      Why would I want to do that? Adobe is the one that doesn't remember my password, not me. Witness the fact that I was able to sign on to this site using the exact ID and password that I am trying to download Flash Player with.  What is going on????? How do you contact Adobe Customer Service by phone?


      Any help would be appreciated. (Hopefully Adobe will read this and contact me? Terrible customer service!)