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    Why do my psd files not equal the same size inside of illustrator?




      I am using cs6 on a macbook pro with retina (dunno if that matters).


      i noticed a while ago that the sizes of my documents in photoshop are smaller than normal. Im not sure if this is a resolution issue, but in illustrator, indesign, after effects everything looks normal sized. I am trying to create a thumbnail in ps that is 310x225px. When I place the psd in illustrator it becomes 74.4x54px. Creating a new document in ps with both resolitions 72 and 300 result in the same size artboard. I'm not sure if this is something simple I am overlooking, but I don't want to have pixelated thumbnails in my mockup. There must be something I can change to make photoshop create normally sized images. Any insight to my issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.