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    How to setup Flex SDK with latest AIR SDK?

    Kevin Sherrill Level 1

      Now the latest AIRSDK web page has a small link at the bottom for Flex users and it states that Flex users should take the SDK version without the compiler. BUT....

      the http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-builder/kb/overlay-air-sdk-flash-builder.html page says to download the SDK from


      but this page now redirects to:


      which contains a large list of archived SDK's. So that help page never really says which version of the SDK to use - with or without the compiler. But other forum posts have implied its suppose to be the one with the compiler.


      Now since we're overlaying the ...plugins\com.adobe.flash.compiler_4.7.0.349722\AIRSDK folder that would make sense.

      But now there's a second overlay instructions page at:


      with different instructions.


      So my questions are:

         Which overlay instructions are we really suppose to use?

         Which version of the AIR SDK (with or with-out compiler) are we suppose to use?

         What does the Flex Library Project properties -> Flex Library Compiler -> 'Include Adobe AIR libraries' checkbox really do?

              If I've followed the (first) overlay instructions above, does this checkbox now mean I'm using the overlaid AIR SDK 3.6

              with the current Flex SDK I've chosen?

              What if I'm using the Apache Flex 4.9.1 SDK? Will the AIR SDK 3.6 overlay that?

                  (Doesn't Apache Flex have AIR 3.4 embedded - will this confuse Flash Builder 4.7 ?)


      Is it just me, or is this just getting more and more confusing? Can we perhaps get a AIR SDK combo box to go beside the Flex combo box and when we check the 'Include Adobe AIR libraries' then we can select the AIR SDK we want? And get a 'configure AIR SDKs...' link too? Then perhaps we can get completely away from overlays and all this merged SDK nonsense. I've had nothing but problems with it.


      The real reason I need all this info is because I'm trying to use Flash Builder 4.7 to build an Android ANE and I'm having a devil of a time just trying to find my resources. When I use context.getResourceID() I'm not getting the correct resources - and after reviewing other posts here I came to the conclusion that it might be due to bugs in older AIR SDK's. So really, at the moment I could care less about the latest Flex SDK, I just need to know I'm working from the latest AIR SDK.


      Thanks in advance.