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    Tags setting off virus scanner

      Has anyone has any exeperience with the following:

      I am using Webelp and the following section inserted by RH while generating the webhelp is setting off a virus scanner,

      Has anyone ever seen this? What does this tag do? Any recommendations on how to deal with this?

      Thanks in advance,

      <form method="POST" action=" http://www.helpcommunity.com/ehelpapi.asp?cmd=WebSave" name="ehelpform" target="_top" XSSCleaned="display:'none';">

      <input type="hidden" name="data" value="2A0D021F000000576F726B696E67207769746820746865205374726174656779206E6F64657311020A 0000005374726174656769657312021F000000576F726B696E6720776974682074686520537472617...414245 4C3E5765625365617263680D0A203C2F425554544F4E2D4C4142454C3E0D0A3C2F4548454C502D4F5054494F4E 533E18010400000002000000702A">