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    Doesn't recognize ID




      I have changed my Adobe ID (my e-mail address) to change my screen name, in which I believe I succeeded. But when I try to browse the site, the system doesn't recognize my current or previous ID, i.e. e-mail address, even though my profile page shows it has been verified. I'm stuck. Please help.




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          Barbara B. Level 7

          Well, you're here. You've posted about this before and you were logged into your previous ID then, too. What problem exactly are you having? MAM41 is working and so was the one before that. The forum software keeps you logged in until you log out, so if you try to log in again when you're already logged in, it gets confused. Could that be what's been happening?

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            Surma Level 1

            Thanks, Barbara, for trying to help.  First, I was trying interminally to change my screen name and was beeing rejected every time. I didn't know that MAM41 was approved and tried other sceen names after that.


            The second problem is that the password I noted in my notebook doesn't work, and I was trying to change the password and the system asks me to put in my e-mail address. But when I put in the current e-mail - m.malik41@outlook.com - I get the message that it doesn't exists. So I tried the old e-mail, but get the message that the od one - mmalik41@gmail.com - doesn't exist. either!


            Can you help me straighten this out?


            Thank you.


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              Surma Level 1

              Forgot to mention that I was trying to download Photoshop Elements 11 Starter Kit and was asked to log in, which I couldn't do because the system didn't recognize my password and wouldn't allow me reset the password  because it didn't recognize my e-mail address.


              Thanks again.