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    Layering tool?


      Hey I am trying to make a video where one man reaches his hand through the other mans chest and I have it all lined up perfectly by changing each video's opacity to 50% but I was wondering how to make it like opacity is in effect but each one is 100% where i can see both people fully. How could I make it to where it looks like they are in the same video together just like opacity does but make them full instead of see through. I'm sorry if this is hard to understand I don't know After Effects terms very well as you can probably see so here is a screen shot of what I am asking:


      I want to try to make this scene look just like this but not have them look see through, but full.

      Thank you.

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          BenjaminMarkus Level 4

          If you want both characters to look fully opaque you'll probably have to do some serious rotobrush, masking and or keying work on one of the characters to seperate him from the background.  For basic training on how to use the After Effects Rotobrush, check out this tutorial:


          Here's an excellent tutorial explaining how to use keylight along with the Rotobrush tool and traditional masks on green screen footage.  Even if your footage isn't shot on green screen the main principles of using garbage mattes and holdout mattes for keying can be used in different situations using different keyers.  In your case you might need to use several different keying effects:


          Also, here's an interesting video that shows you The History (and Future) of rotoscoping in After Effects.


          If I misunderstood and you just want one character to be opaque you can leave the opacity of the layer you want opaque at 100% and just dial down the opacity of the top layer to control the transparency.