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    Signing All Digital Signatures at a time

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      HI ,



      1) My first question is about a requirement in which all the digital signatures in the form should be signed by click of a single button"SignAll".Is this functionality possible in Adobe 11?( am designing the form in Adobe LiveCycle Designer)

      2) If i place a digital signature in the form, when the user clicks on the digital signature feilds a window pops-up and he can sign the form there, now i have a question this , can i place a button adjacent to the signature feild which the user can click (intead of the signature feild).and onclick of the button the signature window pops-up(which pops-up for afer the user clicks on signature feild earlier) i.e. the button should do the functionality of the digital signature feild and finally the signature should appear in the signature feild that i have placed in the form .






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          1) This sounds like a mistaken design. A digital signature always applies to the whole file, without exception. There can therefore be no need, and many problems can arise, if ideas about multiple signatures from the same person are carried from paper without understanding the difference betwen paper and electronic signatures.


          One way that some people have found a way out of this mess, where someone in authority really doesn't understand and won't adapt, is to use a non-binding stamp on many pages and just one digital signature.