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    Advice Needed - Sports Highlight Video - How to Combine Projects?


      I am trying to create a Soccer Highlight Video of my daughter.  The purpose is to be able to showcase her skills in a video and hopefully generate interest from collegiate coaches.  I have recorded video of multiple games which are each about 80 minutes long.  I am guessing I average about roughly 2 minutes of submittable footage from each game.  Once the final video is complete, it will be posted on you tube and the link will be sent out to the appropriate college coaches.


      I am currently working with each game separately as an individual project.  Once I have all the games editted, I would like to combine all of these individual game projects into one big project.  Once combined, I will then want to cut out a good portion of the game clips and just keep the really good stuff for the final product.


      My biggest question is in regard to bringing each small project together for the final project.  Can I "publish" each project and then import the "published" product into Permier Elements 11?  Is there an easy method?


      Any advice on how to easily do this would be very much appreciated.



      (I am using Premier Elements 11 (trial version) and AVCHD video files taken with a standard video camera.  If I can get this figured out I will definitly be purchasing the software.)

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The smartest way to work would be to set the Work Area Bar in each project so that you only output the segments of your videos you're going to use in your compilation. This will save you a lot of editing later as well as save you having to work with big, whopping files that you're only using short segments from.


          The best way to do this depends on how you're going to publish your finished video. Is it going onto a DVD? BluRay? YouTube or other online site? Video for a portable device, like an iPad?


          Each has its own best workflow.